I have using Paniyoor – S with the recommendations from Dr Ankegowda (IISR Scientist) since 4 years to coffee and black pepper on regular basis. This has helped me to improve the plant health and reduced the diseases. My yield was improved up to 30%. Thanks to the quality of Paniyoor – S product.

A.S Mallesh
Coorg River valley, Madapur, Coorg District.

I have using Paniyoor-S as a foliar spray for the last 3 years for both pepper and Coffee (Robusta & Arabica). I have observed exceptionally good plant health and have recorded high yield. The use of Paniyoor – S has resulted in healthier plants with dark green leaves with less pest and disease incidence. The density and out-turn of the harvested crop has been significantly higher the use of Paniyoor – S. Overall with my experience, I strongly recommend all planters to use Paniyoor –S as a foliar spray.

Keshava K.R.
Chairman, Black Gold League (BGL)
International Pepper Community (IPC), Best Pepper Farmer Award 2012
From India in World Hosathota Estate, Mudigere, Chikmagaluru, India.

I have been using Paniyoor – S for the past 2 years. Excellent health of vines, awesome setting, lengthy panicles & bold size. Very happy with the results.

Nishant R Gurjer
Kaapiroyale & Sethuraman Estate, Magundi, Karnataka. (India)



We have used Paniyoor – S for pepper plantations which looks healthier and dark green. We are able to see huge changes and expecting at least 15% increase in yield compare to other estates.

 Ranjan Chacko
Manager, Karkesia Estate, IBC Group, Balehonnur.